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År 2019
Spændende foredrag om neolitikum i Kaukasus:

Professor Barbara Helwing, director of the vorderasiatische Museum in Berlin, will be visiting Copenhagen in January and has kindly agreed to give a guest lecture at ToRS while she is here. Please see details below: 
CSEAS Guest Lecture
The Late Neolithic in the Mil Steppe: Colliding worlds?
Tid: 14 January 2020 at 18:00
Sted: Room 27.0.09 South Campus, University of Copenhagen
The southern Caucasus has seen a surge in research activities over the last decade that have greatly enhanced a closer understanding of the early sedentary occupation of the fertile lowlands of the Kura and Araxes Valley.
As one such activity, the International Expedition to the Mil Steppe has since 2009 investigated a densely inhabited Neolithic landscape with variable site types and related material culture and economy. Settled life began in the Mil Steppe only in the 6th millennium BCE with Late Neolithic communities equipped with a full set of founder crops and domesticated animals introduced from the Fertile Crescent, most likely together with a migrant population. Settlements tended to be short-lived and shifted location at regular intervals.
The talk will present a brief overview on the current status of research in the Mil Steppe and then explore the variable long-distance relations visible from the material culture. Shifting orientations, from northern Mesopotamia to highland Iran, will become evident, calling for the formulation of hypotheses to meaningfully explain the dynamics behind these changes.

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